【FGO】Super Bunyan (Alter Ego) Servant Demonstratio…

Fate FGO
【FGO】Super Bunyan (Alter Ego) Servant Demonstration – 「スーパーバニヤン」【Fate/Grand Order】

Super Bunyan
SSR Alter Ego
Illustrator: Riyo
Voice Actor: Chiaki Omigawa, Madoka Yonezawa & Rie Takahashi

Noble Phantasm:
America’s Sweetheart of Darkness: The Symbol of Stars and Stripes That Opens the Way for Darkness
Deals damage (damage increases based on the number of ‘Nice!’ buffs Bunyan has, maximum 10)
to a single target and decreases their defense for 3 turns (effect increases with Overcharge)

Presidential Decree C
Increases Bunyan’s attack for 3 turns and every ally’s Buster performance for 3 turns

Vision Quest A
Charges Bunyan’s NP gauge and increases every ally’s overcharge by 1 for 1 turn

Let’s Cover It In Maple Syrup A
Seals every enemy’s Noble Phantasm for 1 turn, decreases their crit chance for 3 turns and increases the star weight of every ally’s Buster cards

Magic Resistance C
Slightly increases Bunyan’s debuff resistance

Item Construction C
Slightly increases Bunyan’s debuff success rate

The Power of ‘Nice!’ EX
Grants ‘Nice!’ buff to Bunyan for 3 turns when she attacks or is attacked

Translation by Konchew

0:00 1st Ascension Animation
4:25 2nd Ascension Animation
8:52 3rd Ascension Animation
13:00 Summoning, Leveling Up and Ascension Lines

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