TF2 Zombie Escape Guide

TF2 Zombie Escape Guide

Imagine TF2, but you run from Zombies! Basically TF2 Zombie Escape. Today I have made a guide that explains a lot about TF2 and how to escape from those Zombies. Darn, just imagine how much fun you can have while playing this crazy crazy crazy gamemode! Hopefully this guide teaches you something, or else I may have to teach myself something.

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Data Select – Mario Sunshine
A. Rene – Va11hall-a
A City That Never Sleeps – Va11hall-a
Bowser Theme – Mario Party 2
The Young Descendant of Tepes – Touhou Luna Nights
Double Cherry Pass – Super Mario 3D World
Mystery Land – Mario Party 2
Fossil Canyon – Diddy Kong Racing
Mario Circuit – SSBB
Forbidden Land – The Legend of Dragoon
Bomb Man – Megaman Powered Up
Flat Zone – SSBM

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