VINABTY RMT-B107A Universal Remote For Sony Blu-Ra…

VINABTY RMT-B107A Universal Remote For Sony Blu-Ray Player

In this video I review the VINABTY RMT-B107A universal remote control for Sony Blu-ray players. I purchased this from Amazon for about $11.29 (Canadian dollars). I purchased it to use with the Sony BDP-550, which is an eleven year old blue ray player in 2021. However, it is compatible with several models.

According to the Amazon description, it is compatible with the following Sony Blue Ray Player Models:

RMT-B107A RMT-B112A RMT-B119A RMT-B108P RMT-B105A RMT-B102A RMT-B103A RMT-B104A RMT-B105A BDP-S570 BDP-S580 BDP-S780 BDP-N460 BDP-BX37 BDP-BX57 BDP-BX59 BDP-X2 BD-EV870 BD-EV970W RMTB109A RMT-B107A BDP-S470 BDP-S480 BDP-S490 BDP-S495 BDP-S550 BDP-S560