RMT Club Baseball Training – Ground Strike w…

RMT Club Baseball Training – Ground Strike with Swing Through

The RMT® Club Will Change Your Game. Swing Better. Throw Better. Field Better.
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Used by MLB players from the Houston Astros, Pittsburgh Pirates, Miami Marlins, Washington Nationals, Atlanta Braves, Texas Rangers and Baltimore Orioles, the RMT Club is used by top professional baseball players, amateurs, and everybody in between to improve the key essentials needed to play better – rotational power, fluidity, mobility, timing, core strength and balance.

The RMT® Club serves as the perfect baseball training aid and fitness tool. It’s design improves and strengthens the fundamental movement patterns necessary to hit, throw, and field with greater strength and efficiency.

Rotational Power – The RMT® Club engages your hips, pelvis, and core to develop rotational power for a powerful and fluid swing

Balance & Timing – Use the RMT® Club to strengthen the muscles used for throwing mechanics, to open up your shoulders, and improve mobility

Strength & Mobility – The RMT® Club’s internal shifting weight coordinates movement patterns allowing you to integrate and improve balance and timing

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