[TF2] This Loadout is SURPRISINGLY Amazing! (2022)

[TF2] This Loadout is SURPRISINGLY Amazing! (2022)

In today’s TF2 gameplay we’re using an underrated loadout (at least in my opinion). There’s plenty of TF2 random moments and TF2 funny moments in this video! I often see these weapons lower than they should be on Team Fortress 2 tier lists, so I decided to give them a shot in this TF2 live commentary. We went around and DOMINATED some TF2 Casual servers (thankfully there were no bots)! I don’t mean to brag, but this was some TF2 Heavy PRO gameplay…alright I’m just kidding. But hey, I still think I did well with this loadout for Team Fortress 2 casual!

[TF2] This Loadout is SURPRISINGLY Amazing! (2022)

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