STEPN – Sockets/Gems (Colours and Uses) | 質問の答えを募集中です! STEPN – Sockets/Gems (Colours and Uses) | 質問の答えを募集中です!

STEPN – Sockets/Gems (Colours and Uses)

STEPN – Sockets/Gems (Colours and Uses)

STEPN is a Move 2 Earn game building on Solana and really getting into the communities eyes and minds. It’s a very basic start to the game, you move for 10 minutes a day with an NFT of a pair of sneakers, and you earn $GST every day!

Sockets actually have up to 5 levels, there are currently 4 gem colours, and I’ll walk you through the basics while looking at a common sneaker that’s setup for 4.0 energy.

Stepn Guide
A powerful tool for determining strategy and many more in STEPN

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