Dress Historian Reviews AI Generated “Historical” …

Dress Historian Reviews AI Generated “Historical” Portraits
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[1] Follower of Hans Eworth. 1560. Portrait of a Lady, Aged 24, Small Half-Length, in a Black Fur-Trimmed Dress and White Ruff. Oil on Panel. Private collection. bit.ly/3P1EvPo.
[2] Moroni, Giovanni Battista. c.1560. Woman in a Red Dress. Oil on Canvas. Dresden, Germany. Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden. bit.ly/3qv03d3.
[3] Van Cleve, Joos. c.1530-5. Henry VIII (1491-1547). Oil on Panel. United Kingdom. Royal Collection Trust. bit.ly/43sAqIs.
[4] Veneto, Bartolomeo. 1520. Portrait of a Gentleman. Oil on Panel Transferred to Canvas. Washington, D.C. National Gallery of Art. bit.ly/43sABU8.
[5] Lyon, Corneille de. 1537. Mary of Guise, 1515-1560. Queen of James V. Oil on Panel. Edinburgh, Scotland. Scottish National Portrait Gallery. bit.ly/3MWTV4U.
[6] Allori, Alessandro. 1560. Portrait of a Lady. Oil on Panel. San Diego, CA. San Diego Museum of Art. bit.ly/43uzZO1.
[7] Holbein the Younger, Hans. 1537. Portrait of Henry VIII. Oil on Panel. Madrid, Spain. Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum. bit.ly/45RRitQ.
[8] Lyon, Corneille de. c.1560-5. Portrait of Madame de Châtillon. Oil on Panel. Indianapolis, IN. Newfields. bit.ly/45XDPRs.
[9] Eworth, Hans. 1563. Portrait of a Lady of the Wentworth Family (Probably Jane Cheyne)Date: Oil on Panel. Chicago, IL. Art Institute Chicago. bit.ly/3P1EPxA.
[10] Dyck, Anthony van. c.1618. Portrait of a Man. Oil on Wood. New York, NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art. bit.ly/3oRLkIR.
[11] Rubens, Peter Paul. c.1617-1628. George Villiers (1592–1628), 1st Duke of Buckingham. Oil on Panel. Glasgow, Scotland. Pollok House. bit.ly/3oT7Pgm.
[12] English School, 16th century. 1588. Elizabeth I, 1533-1603 (the “Armada Portrait”). Painting. London, United Kingdom. Royal Museums Greenwich. bit.ly/42x0EbD.
[13] British School, 17th Century. 1675. Charles II Presented with a Pineapple. Oil on Canvas. United Kingdom. Royal Collection Trust. bit.ly/3J3k7ts.
[14] Netscher, Caspar. 1669. Portrait of Susanna Doublet Huygens. Oil on Panel. New York, NY. The Leiden Collection. bit.ly/3J4na4M.
[15] Winterhalter, Franz Xaver. 1865. Kaiserin Elisabeth in Balltoilette Mit Diamantsternen Im Haar. Oil on Canvas. Vienna, Austria. Kunsthistorisches Museum. bit.ly/3J2KKPj.
[16] Robe à L’Anglaise. 1785. Cotton, Baleen. New York, NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art. bit.ly/3NmBOXI.
[17] Court Dress. 1750. Silk, Metallic Thread. New York, NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art. bit.ly/2PhktSc.
[18] Circle of Johann Heinrich Tischbein. 1762. Porträt Einer Jungen Adeligen Dame. Oil on Canvas. Private Collection. bit.ly/43S5KA8.
[19] Vestier, Antoine. 1785. Charlotte Marie de Gasville. Oil on Canvas. Pittsburgh, PA. Carnegie Museum of Art. bit.ly/43QChql.
[20] Turner, Charles (Engraver), Marshall, Benjamin (Painter). 1810. Mr. John Jackson. Mezzotint. London, United Kingdom. Victoria & Albert Museum. bit.ly/3NjZNXf.
[21] Donát, János. 1810. Portrait of a Man. Oil on Canvas. Private Collection. bit.ly/3P2ONic.
[22] Czachorski, Władysław. 1901. Portret Jadwigi Sienkiewiczówny. Oil on Canvas. Kielce, Poland. Muzeum Narodowe w Kielcach. bit.ly/3WZpmA3.
[23] Helleu, Paul César. 1900. Consuelo Vanderbilt, Duchess of Marlborough. Pastel on Canvas. Private Collection. bit.ly/3ChaVhs.
[24] Sargent, John Singer. 1897. Mr. And Mrs. I. N. Phelps Stokes. Oil on Canvas. New York, NY. Metropolitan Museum of Art. bit.ly/3N2ea14.
[25] Angeli, Heinrich Anton Von. 1887. Queen Victoria. Oil on Canvas. London, United Kingdom. Victoria & Albert Museum. bit.ly/3MYGNwj.

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