GPT creator talks about the development and threat…

GPT creator talks about the development and threats of AI | New humanoid robots and brain chip
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We’re looking at the very latest general-purpose humanoid robots, the threat of artificial intelligence as announced by the creator of ChatGPT, new products from OpenAI, a robotic octopus that unfolds in the human brain, the timing of the new Starship and all sorts of other weird and wonderful tech news all in one video!

00:00 In this video
0:26 Tesla Bot update
1:55 New humanoid robot Phoenix
3:24 SEO OpenAI talks about the future of AI
4:21 OpenAI releases ChatGPT application
5:21 OpenAI unveiled the generative Shap-E model
6:25 SpaceX is actively preparing for the next Starship flight
7:25 Blue Origin will insure NASA if SpaceX fails
8:08 Amazon’s new smart robot
9:13 A robot will unfold in your brain
10:14 Alphabet’s first robotic product
11:11 Robot taught to walk by touch
11:56 Food delivery by underground robots

3:21 New robot working in Moscow
8:01 Neuralink chip to be tested on humans

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GPT creator talks about the development and threats of AI | New humanoid robots and brain chip

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