[TF2] Weapon Stereotypes! Episode 4: The Pyro

[TF2] Weapon Stereotypes! Episode 4: The Pyro

Ever seen a person’s weapon and assumed something about how they play? Well, you’re not alone. In fact, most weapons in TF2 hold a certain stereotype. This series of videos aims to go over some of the most well-known weapon stereotypes in TF2.

Please keep in mind that I’m not saying that anyone who uses a certain weapon is a certain type of person. These videos are for fun. Sorry if I hurt your feelings or something.

This episode we’ll be talking about the pyro. The class nobody really knows what to do with, and also the one we’re still waiting on an update for.

Now here’s the section with a bunch of links!

• Genowhirl’s Reserve Shooter Animation: https://goo.gl/A81Q71
• Jaws Sketch for the Neon Annihilator: https://goo.gl/krrIoI

People who helped me out for this video:
• TeemoTheScientist (Shotgun/Axtinguisher Segment): https://goo.gl/b9Ajcy
• Genowhirl70 (Reserve Shooter Segment): https://goo.gl/g4o9IQ
• Teal Opal (Mail Fantasy Sketch): https://goo.gl/yVu7mx

Music Used:
• Plucked Cello Thing: https://goo.gl/IHPmj7
• Agent Texas (Third Degree Sketch): https://goo.gl/RXpWYp