Google’s AI Bombshell: Yoast SEO Predicts Tr…

Google's AI Bombshell: Yoast SEO Predicts Traffic Plunge!
I interview Joost De Valk about SEO, Google, Ai and WordPress

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Interview summary

Yoast, founder of the Yoast SEO plugin, discusses the impact of AI on search engine optimization (SEO).
Yoast is surprised by Google’s response to AI, both amusing and concerning, as it poses challenges in distinguishing between real and fake information.
Google’s experimentation with AI-generated search interface raises questions about its reliability and the impact on content creators and the SEO business community.
Yoast believes that AI-generated text is not built to generate truth, and fact-checking becomes crucial.
The future of AI in content creation and productivity is promising, but governments need to implement regulations and increase public knowledge about the models used.