TF2; Why Pyro is Hated | 質問の答えを募集中です! TF2; Why Pyro is Hated | 質問の答えを募集中です!

TF2; Why Pyro is Hated

TF2; Why Pyro is Hated

Some guy takes a break from lore and apparently goes into politics, advocating for Pyro rights or for them to be outlawed or something.

I forgot to mention some other points during this video, obviously I’m referring to a much more casual setting of TF2 and not Comp or MvM.

In Comp Pyro plays a more supportive role, protecting the Medic… even though he’s extremely situational and pretty inferior at that task.

I know in MvM the Gas Passer is “Extremely broken” and “OP” even though it was nerfed into the ground and a demo with stickybombs is still objectively better for medics and results in a higher damage output.

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Cong-rats to anyone who can figure out what the next video will be since it is teased sparingly throughout the video… also yeah apparently I’m sticking to TF2 content for X amount of time, sorry for those interested in fallout