AI rules drafted by European parliament hailed as …

AI rules drafted by European parliament hailed as historic
Members of the European Parliament congregated on Wednesday to discuss and draft stricter rules regarding regulations on artificial intelligence (AI).

A lead EU lawmaker, Brando Benifei, claimed parliament had “made history” by beginning this dialogue on how responsible AI can be implemented worldwide.

Parliamentary members agreed on changes to a draft to include a ban on the use of the technology in biometric surveillance and for generative AI systems like ChatGPT to disclose AI-generated content.

The idea is to protect global citizens’ “fundamental rights” and “democratic values,” while keeping them safe from the potential dangers, or negative impacts of advanced AI, according to EU Parliament President, Roberta Metsola.

Despite the excitement shared between MEPs on this development, the draft would still need to be pitched and cleared by other EU countries before becoming legislation.

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