This is How AI Revolutionizes Photography

This is How AI Revolutionizes Photography
I’ve been working a LOT to get a completely seamless experience of sending an image (or many images) from my camera fed directly into midjourney, which then creates an Ai render to (hopefully) inspire a new idea as I’m actively shooting a session.

Well, I’ve done it. It took a TON of work. Probably close to 30 hours, but it’s working… and it’s fast. About 1-2 minutes and the ai renders simply show up on my phone… or even my apple watch. This post does not provide a tutorial to do this yourself… that will come soon enough in another post.

Why might I want to do this? Think of it as prompt cards on absolutely mind-boggling steroids. Everyone gets stuck, or uninspired, and this is a powerful tool to burst out of that.

I’ll be making another video in a few weeks demoing this entire thing with an actual model or couple, but for now… this video shows a few demos at my house using little mannequin dolls and a photo that was already on my memory card from a wedding I just shot.

I believe deeply that this is how photographers should be leveraging generative Ai.

I’ve posted about several photographers over the past year for not being transparent enough (apparently that makes me a “bully?”) with what they’re doing with generative Ai (specifically midjourney), and I’m still rather shocked with how often photographers don’t come clean about their prompts.

Established photographers, in particular, have a HUGE responsibility to share their process beyond just “#ai” as a hashtag. Otherwise, anything they post that’s Ai generated is just about as close to fraudulent as you can possibly get.

Rant over, but I’m so so so excited to keep pushing the limits of what’s possible leveraging Ai tools as a true collaborative tool.

Full tutorial about how to set this up will be shared on my patreon feed


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