(TF2 ZE) ze_djinn with the boys

(TF2 ZE) ze_djinn with the boys

Map is made by m4dara for CS:S zombie escape and ported to the skial zombie escape US server with permission: https://imgur.com/a/wzyhbTN

long bad quality video made with little to no knowledge of video editing, but hopefully it is decent enough for anybody to bear through and see the entirety of it!
Video Segments:
0:00 Failed Ending Attempt
0:56 Dunes of Djinn
2:07 Sand Temple
6:30 Havan
7:38 Adventuring to Obelisk
9:25 Giant Havan
10:28 Prelude to Upper Obelisk
11:00 Grim Reaper
13:20 Ruined Chamber
14:20 Reaper’s Revenge
16:30 Escaping the Obelisk