Huge News for AI Filmmakers!

Huge News for AI Filmmakers!
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Time Stamps:
00:00 Intro
00:20 Star Wars Demo Explanation
01:24 Runways Film Contest
01:36 Curious Refuge Film Contest
01:55 Vimeo Outside the Frame
02:27 Elevenlabs’ New Feature
05:46 Dall-E 3
06:46 Heygen Translation
07:26 AI Filmmaking
07:46 New Image to Video Tool
08:50 New Video Looping Tool
10:07 Generative Fill for Video
10:55 New Faceswapping
12:00 New AI Music Tool
12:40 Rafik Anadol’s AI Art
13:17 AI Films of the Week
13:20 Metal Messiah by Alchemyst
13:48 Illusion of Time by Jesse Koivukoski
14:21 Student Highlight: Elaine Chai
14:55 Prompt Tip
15:30 AI helping solve World Hunger
15:46 Outro

Helpful Links:

Star Wars Demo Explanation:
Runways Film Contest:
Curious Refuge Film Contest
Vimeo Outside the Frame:
Elevenlabs’ New Feature:
Dall-E 3:
Heygen Translation:
AI Filmmaking Course:
New Image to Video Tool:
New Video Looping Tool:
Generative Fill for Video:
New Face-Swapping:
New AI Music Tool:
Prompt Tip:
AI helping solve World Hunger:,to%20food%20in%20underserved%20areas.
Rafik Anadol’s AI Art:

Film Showcase:
Metal Messiah by Alchemyst:
Illusion of Time by Jesse Koivukoski:
Student Highlight: Elaine Chai: