[Nikke] Countering the Meta (PvP Showcase) | 質問の答えを募集中です! [Nikke] Countering the Meta (PvP Showcase) | 質問の答えを募集中です!

[Nikke] Countering the Meta (PvP Showcase)

[Nikke] Countering the Meta (PvP Showcase)
Showcase videos that cover the current PvP meta DPS units (Scarlet, SAnis, 2B, Alice) and how to counter them. These videos were recorded at 501 vs 501 synchro level but the strategies work at all synchro levels all the way down to 261+. Whether or not you have the right units and are able to set up the right team comp setups to execute these strategies, however, will be entirely on you. Keep in mind that CP penalty and investment differences will always apply even if you use the “perfect counter”.

Minor correction: Scarlet is a SOFT counter to SAnis, not a hard counter. If there is not enough investment into Scarlet’s S2, she may not be able to kill SAnis. SAnis has no hard counters currently.

If you have questions about PvP and/or team building strategies, join us in the #nikke-pvp channel on the community Nikke Discord: https://discord.gg/nikke

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* Nikke.gg’s Arena article: https://nikke.gg/arena-pvp/

Special thanks to my guildie NOEITA who volunteered to be my test dummy in recording these videos.
BGM for this video is the old but classic song, “Highscore” by Teminite & Panda Eyes: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RKkuAgzldb4