Massive Updates to Generative Video AI | 質問の答えを募集中です! Massive Updates to Generative Video AI | 質問の答えを募集中です!

Massive Updates to Generative Video AI

Massive Updates to Generative Video AI
This week, the top 3 AI company working on Generative Video release some major updates.

First on the list was Stability AI, the company behind Stable Diffusion.
Stable Diffusion is the most popular open source AI tech for text to image generation and it powers some of the top AI apps like Leonardo AI and Dream Studio.

First update is from Stability AI. They have introduced the first open generative AI video model, which is based on the popular Stable Diffusion model.

Right now, you can join the wait list for an upcoming app. And if you are more technical, you can access this initial model through Github.

They also release a new image generation model inside of their App Clipdrop you can try now. It’s called SDXL Turbo and it can literally generate images in real time.

The second company with a big leap in AI video was Runway. Runway is still the leading text to video platform with Runway Gen-2. They released a new update called Magic Brush.
With Magic brush, you can brush over a specific part of an image and bring it to life.

This is available to use right now.

And third, we have PikaLabs and introduction of Pika 1.0.

Pika was only available on Discord, but with the release of Pika 1.0, it’s also coming to the web.

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