Kaiber Ai Complete Tutorial – Ultimate Ai Vi…

Kaiber Ai Complete Tutorial – Ultimate Ai Video Generator
Kaiber Ai is a powerful video generation platform. It uses the Ai technology behind Stable Diffusion to create some really amazing videos from a text prompt. You can upload your own images, music, videos, and other content to blend them into your content.

To see some examples, you can explore the Kaiber gallery.

Once you create an account and start a free trial, you have a few options. You can bring in an initial image to start, transform an existing video to stylize it, bring an audio file or song.

But in most cases, you want to start with a writing prompt and turn a text into video.

In the prompt page, you have two sections. First, your text prompt and then the style.

The prompting formula that Kaiber recommends is as follows.

Subject, prepositional details, setting, meta modifiers and styling.

Subject – Represents the main focus or character in the video.

Propositional details – Additional details, colors, medium

Meta Modifiers – styling, artists, resolution.

Advanced prompting: To use more advanced prompting technique, you can use weighted prompts. This is when you put a section of your prompt in () followed by : and then a number from 1-2. Close to 2, more more attention it will get. a decimal number under 1 will take away attention from it. Closer to zero, the least focus it will get.

Once you finish this page, you will get to your video settings page.
You can change your duration here, set aspect ratio, choose camera movement, change evolve slider (1 is more stable, 10 is more wild)

And you have a boomerang effect you can leave on or off.

Then, you can click preview. You won’t use credits until you generate the video. The preview will show you one image or frame of the video.

Then, you can choose your favorite starting frame and generate video.
Depending on the length of the video, this may take a few minutes.

There is also a storyboard function. With this, you can try to build on a scene, and describe the next shot in your story.

Once a video is ready, you will options to share with a link or download. Download will be at a lower resolution for the basic plan, but you can always upgrade for 1080p or 4k high resolution downloads.

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