Former Beatles member Paul McCartney credits AI fo…

Former Beatles member Paul McCartney credits AI for bringing to life a final song by the band
폴 매카트니, “AI로 ‘비틀스 마지막 음반’ 완성 존 레넌 목소리 추출”

Former Beatles member, Paul McCartney says that a new and final song by the world famous band has been completed with the help of artificial intelligence.
Speaking in an interview on Tuesday the 80-year-old musician said he used the technology to “extricate” the voice of late Beatles frontman, John Lennon from an old demo.
Lennon’s voice was then used to finish a decades-old song.
Although McCartney did not give the title of the song it’s thought to be a 1978 composition by Lennon called “Now And Then”.
Lennon had composed a number of tracks on cassettes before his death in 1980.
These were later given to McCartney by Lennon’s widow.
The new song is due to be released later this year.

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2023-06-14, 09:00 (KST)