Pyro Paints

Pyro Paints

Dang! Sure he has some tiny painting skills. 🙂


This is my first Gmod vid completely animated with the Stop Motion Helper Tool (Hence the mildly different style). I gotta say: it’s MORE time-consuming, but it definitely opens up new possibilities. I would like to thank Winded for letting me test the newer version of his tool.

Also, in case you didn’t know, I recently started modelling for Gmod, in order to create specific props for my animations. And I sure did made some modelling here, which was also time consuming (but not hard).

Just to say that this vid was some kind of learning experience for me, and it took me 2 months to complete, which is the longest time I’ve spend on a Gmod vid in my life (“Shrooms and Pipes” only took me 4 days, hahaha).
I even had to reshoot some scenes up to 3 times just to keep the quality consistent. But hey! That was interesting.

Fun fact: I was inspired by Gerard Richter and this old pic of mine:

Fun fact #2: Nope! My cameo isn’t a 3D model! Here are the sketches:


Music: Jaroslav Celba – Štaflík a Špagetka
(There are several tracks from this Czech TV show that are used here. Unfortunately I don’t know their names)