EXPOSING The Scary Powers of Artificial Intelligen…

EXPOSING The Scary Powers of Artificial Intelligence
Join us on June 19th as we delve into the intricate realm of human emotions and explore the techniques to effectively harness the power of the mind in overcoming pain and suffering. Leading this enlightening session is the esteemed Sean Webb, whose extraordinary journey into meditation has led him to discover a profound connection with the universe, acquiring a vast spectrum of knowledge which he brings forth to share. His experiences serve as a remarkable testament, having undergone an out-of-body encounter where the validity of his acquired wisdom was unequivocally verified.

Moreover, we shall delve into the perilous implications posed by artificial intelligence (AI) on our emotional well-being and the development of human consciousness. Imagine a world where external forces, devoid of consciousness, exert control and manipulate our very essence, leaving us uncertain as to whether it is AI or reality. How shall we navigate the challenges presented by AI? What measures shall be implemented to ensure that AI functions to our advantage, rather than to our detriment?

Let us collectively contemplate these questions and strive towards a future where AI is harmoniously aligned with our interests, rather than operating in opposition.

Sean Webb, SRS EP. 062, coming June 19th, 2023!

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