Skyrim Multiplayer is Now Thriving (Sort of)

Skyrim Multiplayer is Now Thriving (Sort of)

Skyrim has always been a single player game, however over the last few years The Elder Scrolls 5’s modding community has tirelessly been working to change that. While most attempts have ultimately resulted in nearly impossible-to-install, nearly unplayable messes, a mod named Skyrim Together has been promising to change that. Skyrim Together offers players a full-fledged, easy to install, multiplayer experience and is by far and away the most stable multiplayer mod to-date.

We last visited Skyrim Together over a year ago when it first entered open beta. Since then it’s seen a full release and countless developer improvements. So today we’ll be taking a look at Skyrim’s largest multiplayer mod and assessing just how far it has come since our last review of it over a year ago.