The Ethics of AI & Machine Learning [Full Cour… | 質問の答えを募集中です! The Ethics of AI & Machine Learning [Full Cour… | 質問の答えを募集中です!

The Ethics of AI & Machine Learning [Full Cour…

The Ethics of AI & Machine Learning [Full Course]
Should AI systems have personhood? Is AI biased? Go from 0 to 1 in AI ethics in 90 minutes!

In this video, you will learn about the foundations of AI, its applications, and the ethical considerations that shape this transformative field.

✏️ Course created by Seth Goldin –

⭐️ Course Contents ⭐️
✨ (00:42) Opening Remarks
📝 (02:08) Intro to AI Ethics
🤖 (10:52) Basics of AI/ML
🧠 (18:37) Neural Networks
🐶 (25:56) Datasets
⬛ (28:54) Limitations of AI & Black Boxes
⚖️ (38:48) Intro to Ethics
💭 (45:38) Thought Experiments
☣️ (52:06) The Singularity and AI Risk
🫀 (01:02:16) AI in Healthcare
✏️ (01:08:45) AI in Education
📈 (01:13:29) AI in Finance
🫂 (01:18:37) AI in Employment
🌏 (01:27:00) AI and Policy
🌱 (01:37:49) Future of Ethical AI

This course also showcases segments from guest speakers Sneha Revanur ( from Encode Justice, Okezue Bell ( from Fidutam, and Emilia Javorsky ( from the Future of Life Institute.

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🔗The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time:
🔗Do Robots Deserve Rights? What if Machines Become Conscious?:
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🔗Elections and Disinformation:
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🔗How AI Could Save (Not Destroy) Education | Sal Khan:
🔗ProPublica Study on Recidivism:
🔗Course on AI Safety:

YouTube videos with brief clips utilized in this course:

📼The Trolley Problem | The Good Place:
📼AlphaFold: The making of a scientific breakthrough:
📼Stock Market Crash – Flash Crash May 6, 2010:
📼Taylor Swift – Starboy (AI) and Barack Obama Deepfake supplied by Encode Justice

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