HUGE AWS & Nvidia AI Announcements – Rei… | 質問の答えを募集中です! HUGE AWS & Nvidia AI Announcements – Rei… | 質問の答えを募集中です!

HUGE AWS & Nvidia AI Announcements – Rei…

HUGE AWS & Nvidia AI Announcements – Reinvent 2023 Supercut
Highlights from the #aws Reinvent 2023 keynote by Adam Selipsky, CEO of Amazon Web Services ( #amzn stock ). Highlights include announcements of new data center chips, the Q generative AI agent for knowledge work, and a guest appearance by Jensen Huang, Founder and CEO of #nvidia ( #nvda stock ) discussing the new H200 GPUs, GH200 Superchips, and supercomputing at AWS.

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Timestamps for the AWS Reinvent 2023 Supercut:
00:00 The Data Center Stack for Generative AI
01:40 Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang on AWS Supercomputing
03:33 Nvidia Deploys 1000 Exaflops on AWS Quarterly
05:30 Nvidia Deploys H200 DGX Cloud AI Factory on AWS
07:31 AWS Launches Graviton 4 Data Center CPU
08:41 AWS Launches Trainium 2 ML Training Chip
09:44 AWS Launches Q – AI Assistant Designed for Work
13:23 AWS Q Demo – Competing with Microsoft & Palantir
16:18 AWS Q for Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

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