AI News: Real-Time AI is HERE (and It’s WILD… | 質問の答えを募集中です! AI News: Real-Time AI is HERE (and It’s WILD… | 質問の答えを募集中です!

AI News: Real-Time AI is HERE (and It’s WILD…

AI News: Real-Time AI is HERE (and It's WILD!)
Here’s all of the AI News that you probably missed this week. Thanks to Notion for sponsoring this video! Learn more about Notion’s AI here:

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Resources From Today’s Video:
ChatGPT Turns 1:
OpenAI CEO and Board Changes:
Microsoft and OpenAI Leadership:
Sam Altman’s OpenAI Tenure:
GPT Store Launch Postponed:
Stability AI Sale Considerations:
Stability AI’s Strategic Partnerships:
SDXL Turbo Introduction:
Clipdrop’s Turbo Model:
Leonardo.Ai’s Live Canvas:
Live Canvas Access Expanded:
Magnific AI Editor:
KREA AI’s New Tool:
KREA AI Image Enhancer:
DALL-E 3 in Microsoft Paint:
Amazon’s AI Image Model:
AI-Enhanced Holiday Shopping:
Amazon Q and Work Reimagining:
Pika’s Video Platform:
Pika Labs Funding:
Runway’s Gen-2 Control:
HeyGen’s Avatar Generator:
Meta’s Audiobox:
Meta’s AI Translation Models:
AI Image Copyright Ruling:
AI Security Agreement:
AI-Generated Materials:
Nvidia CEO on AGI:
Elon Musk’s AGI Prediction:

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Time Stamps:
0:00 Intro
0:26 ChatGPT Turns One
0:55 Sam is Officially Back at OpenAI
1:29 Microsoft’s OpenAI Board Seat
2:01 Updates on Q-Star (Confirmed?)
3:10 GPT Store Delayed
3:34 Notions AI Q&A Feature
5:57 Stability AI Drama
7:13 SDXL Turbo Real-Time Generation
8:39 Leonardo’s Live Canvas
10:54 Magnific AI Upscaler
12:24 KREA Upscale & Enhance
13:40 Dalle-3 In Microsoft Paint Now
14:27 Amazon Getting Into AI Art
15:01 Amazon’s Q
15:37 Pika 1.0 AI Video (This is Crazy!)
17:12 New Runway ML AI Video Features
18:07 HeyGen Near-Instant Avatar Generator
19:09 Meta Audiobox
20:15 Meta AI Language Translation
21:21 AI Art IS Copyrightable (In China)
23:00 Multi-Country Agreement on AI
23:34 Google Deepmind GNoME Discovers New Materials
24:35 AGI in 3-5 Years (Predictions)
25:39 Final Thoughts