Finally, Alice from Goddess of Victory NIKKE Gets … | 質問の答えを募集中です! Finally, Alice from Goddess of Victory NIKKE Gets … | 質問の答えを募集中です!

Finally, Alice from Goddess of Victory NIKKE Gets …

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Finally, Alice from Goddess of Victory NIKKE Gets a Figure!
I have not preordered anime figures for a long time – I always hunt for bargains after releases. But, seeing Flare coming up with a figure of Goddess of Victory NIKKE Alice? I’m hitting that preorder button. On top of that we have 3 Blue Archive scale figures on preorder this week – Azusa, Eimi & Yuuka. This week’s lineup for genuine figures is pretty good. For third party resin figures? As usual, Honkai Star Rail & Genshin Impact kept getting new stuff, and then there’s Melusine Summer from FGO. Nice. Which anime figure will you pre-order this week?

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Here is a list of affiliate links of third party resin figures covered:

BC Studio – Blue Archive Asuma Toki
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SLN Studio – Genshin Impact Furina

Arctic Wolf Studio – Honkai Impact 3rd Seele Vollerei

Spirit Demon Studio – Honkai: Star Rail Guinaifen

TouFou Figure Studio – Fate/Grand Order Melusine

Crimson Studio – Azur Lane Greedy Time – Le Malin

Angel Wings Studio – Genshin Impact Ganyu

Fireball Studio – Spice and Wolf Holo

Li Zhi Studio – Genshin Impact Yae Miko

Diamond Studio – Naruto Miss Sister Tsunade

Unique Art Studio – INCARNATION Yuekui Bai & Marc

STAREXVA Studio – Original Shadow Moon

PP Jiang Studio – Genshin Impact Raiden Shogun

Mimo Studio – SPY×FAMILY Second gear Anya

WakuWaku Studio – SPY×FAMILY Anya -Dodgeball Anya

AMS Studio – Uma Musume Pretty Derby Silence Suzuka

Dragon Stone Studio – NieR Automata NIKKE & NieR Collab 2B & A2

Art of EDEN Studio – Chainsaw Man & Honkai: Star Rail Makima & Kafka

Tsume Studio – One Piece Yamato Ikigai

Coreplay Studio – Douluo Continent Hu Liena

Aa Ye Mo Wan Studio – SPY×FAMILY Chinese Style Yor Forger

Fairy Bean Studio – Original Millennium Tour

Acy Studio – Taimanin Shizuru Kousaka

CCB Studio – One Piece Surf Boa Hancock

Brain-Hole Studio – One Piece Sitting Boa Hancock

IN Studio & IU Studio – One Piece Suit Thug Vivi

Fantasy Studio – Pokemon Masters Eight Vibes Cynthia & Garchomp

FANCY UP Studio – Tekken Nina Williams

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