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【FGO】Double Castoria System Compatible Servants Tier List (Pre Summer 2020 Event)【Fate/Grand Order】

FGO 5th Anniversary has brought with it one of the most meta-shattering Servant in its entire 5 years of history. Altria Caster (Castoria) broke almost every limit before her release for both farming and CQ alike. I want to release this Tierlist vid before Summer 2020 event is released on 17th August, just to keep my sanity intact, as I’m sure the new Summer Servants will bring even more meta-change with them.

If you watched my Skadi Tierlist vid, you might want to know that I have enforced stricter rules for this one due to how powerful Castoria is.

– Strictly for 3 turns farming.
– Assume 3/3/x for enemy composition.
– For non-Berserker/Extra Servants, assume counter-class first unless otherwise noted (very important for both damage and refund).
– No Plugsuit/Arash. Other Mystic Codes are fair game.

They will be evaluated based on the Craft Essence required, which is divided into 3 groups:
– Black Grail CE.
– CE with NP gen / Art up effect, but 0 starting NP. The one I used for demo is a MLB Sign of Smiling Face. Other substitutes include, but not limited to, Formal Craft, Summer Little, Cute Orangette, Art of the Poisonous Snake, etc.
– CE with starting NP. This group is only here for the sake of completion. There is no setup in this vid belongs to this group.

They will be separated them into 4 Tiers, Top / Mid / Bottom / Nope.
– Top Tier: Able to use Black Grail to farm advantage class and neutral class. Bonus point if they can also farm Berserker.
– Mid Tier: Requiring NP gen help from a CE to farm advantage class. Usually impossible to farm Berserker even with CE help, and struggle to farm neutral class due to lack of damage boost from Black Grail.
– Bottom Tier: Requiring a starting NP CE and/or Plugsuit due to low NP refund.
– Nope tier: Instant Kill effect in NP making refund inconsistent / 1 hit Art NP with no self battery.

Extra Class:
– Space Ishtar: Top tier. Unrivaled. Gogogogogogogogogo.
– Hokusai: Mid tier. Low damage on neutral due to lack of BG, not enough refund to farm Berserker. Not recommended.
– Salieri: Mid tier. Low damage on neutral due to lack of BG. Not recommended unless heavily invested with Grails.
– Kiara: Top tier. Can easily farm Riders and Casters with BG. Needs high NP level or CE help to farm Assassins. Struggles to farm Berserker without a Starting NP CE.
– Jinako: Bottom tier. Low refund.

– Musashi: Top tier. Struggles to farm Berserker without a Starting NP CE.

– Jason: Mid tier. Your only choice for Saber class. Don’t use him anywhere else though.
– Nero: Bottom tier. If you give her a Kscope she can farm QP Door, so that’s something.
– Shiki: Nope tier. Instant Kill.

– Summer Jeanne: Top tier. Has no difficulty against all classes. With Tropical Summer MC, you can even replace one Castoria with Tamamo.
– Summer Helena: Bot tier. Low refund.

– Summer Melt: Top tier. Has no difficulty against all classes.
– Fionn: Top tier. Having lower refund than Summer Melt prevents him from reliably farming Berserker however.
– Erice: Nope tier. Instant Kill.

– Da Vinci Lily: Top tier. Has no difficulty against all classes. Can guarantee 2 Castoria NP on w3 for an extra 60%~100% ATK boost.
– Rider Mordred: Top tier. Can actually farm most classes with just only 1 Castoria.
– Odysseus: Mid tier. My own NP1 can farm Caster with BG but that’s about it. Might have better performance at higher NP level.

– Murasaki / Scheherazade / Anastasia / Sieg: Top tier. Take their niche into consideration when using them (Sieg for Dragon, Scheherazade for King, etc).
– Paracelsus: Mid tier. An exception to the rule I set for this tier. While he has good refund, his anemic damage prevents him from farming anything but Assassins.
– Chen Gong: Gong tier.
– Gilgamesh (Caster): Mid tier.
– Da Vinci / NR / Summer Marie / Helena / Edison: Bottom tier. Low refund.
– Nitocris: Nitocris tier. Instant Kill. However, with a MLB Scope she can 3T with no RNG, just like before with 2 Waver, but with much higher dmg now.
– Geronimo: Geronimo tier.

– Shuten / Phantom: Nope tier. 1 hit Art NP.
– Summer Nitocris: Nope tier. Instant Kill.

Disclaimer: This tierlist is super simplified and very strict on its requirement. Castoria is so broken that she can make almost anyone work with these restrictions lifted, as such, this tierlist was made mostly according to my own criteria for improving my convenience during farming. Don’t let me tell you how to play the game, adapt and improvise.

One thing I can say for sure though, while Double Skadi was not for everyone, Double Castoria is, in fact, for everyone.

If you have her, that is.

0:00 Space Ishtar
2:23 Hokusai
4:44 Salieri
6:38 Kiara
9:03 Summer Musashi
11:07 Jason
13:19 Summer Jeanne
15:32 Summer Melt
17:37 Fionn
19:48 Da Vinci Lily
22:23 Summer Mordred
24:28 Odysseus
26:32 Murasaki Shikibu
28:51 Scheherezade
31:04 Anastasia
33:33 Sieg
35:50 Paracelsus
37:44 Chen Gong